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Thanatos 2017; L-R: Martin Ooms (drums), Marco de Bruin (bass), Paul Baayens (guitars), Stephan Gebédi (vocals/guitar)... (pic by Milan Milojevic ) ... See MoreSee Less

2nd rehearsal with the complete line up since Martin Ooms joined the band. That was fun ;-) (pic by Milan Milojevic ) ... See MoreSee Less

19 years ago we finally managed to break the chains and free ourselves from the burden of Shark Records/Crazy Life Music. A year later the band re-emerged, started the recordings for a third album and has been raising the bar with every subsequent album ever since. Not saying every album was equally brilliant but at least we don't have to be ashamed of any album we made and we can still play songs from ALL our albums and not just the first 3 or so. Pretty proud of the fact that we've always stayed true to our death/thrash metal style; some albums are more thrash-orientated while others are more death metal-orientated but we never betrayed our roots.... global.thanatos.info/discography/ ... See MoreSee Less

Alternative/unused artwork for 'Global Purification' ... See MoreSee Less

First Thanatos show for 2018 confirmed! Stonehenge Festival, Steenwijk (NL) ... See MoreSee Less

First Thanatos show for 2018 confirmed! ... See MoreSee Less

In good company... ... See MoreSee Less

A collection of some (far, far away from all} of the bands I have worked with from the early 90's and forward. Would be quite the festival line-up, don't you think ;)

We don't do rituals, we just play shows; blood & sweat & meat & potatoes-Metal shows! First announcement for 2018 coming soon! ... See MoreSee Less