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Been thinking about this for many years; re-recording the vocals for the 'Realm Of Ecstasy' album as I never have been totally happy with the way the vocals turned out on that -other from that- great album. What do you think, should we do that? Could give it a try with one song first... maybe this one... Cheers, Stephan/Thanatos ... See MoreSee Less

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Thanatos tapes; old skool as fukkk. Only one copy of 'Emerging...' and 2 copies of 'Realm...' left. 5 Euros each (+shipping). UPDATE: Only 1 copy of 'Realm...' left ! ... See MoreSee Less

We would like to welcome drummer Martin Ooms to the Thanatos ranks!
Until recently Martin was beating the skins for Rotterdam based metal outfit Sudden Annihilation, but he might be better known for playing guitar for both Melechesh (2006-2008) and Liar of Golgotha (1998-2005). We'll start rehearsing all the old classics and will start working on new songs as well in the upcoming months. Expect Thanatos to return to the live front early next year! (www.metal-archives.com/artists/Martin_Ooms/541917)
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Special announcement coming up next month! 😜
and no, this is not the actual guy, neither his drum kit ;-)
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Just found a box with these fuckers; THANATOS Official Live Tape 1987, CD-release via Konqueror Records; can be yours for 10 Euro only including shipping worldwide! (will ship without jewel case) Paypal orders only: sgebedi@chello.nl ... See MoreSee Less

Happy birthday to our bass player Marco who turns 46 today! ... See MoreSee Less