Dutch Death Metal veterans THANATOS and Century Media Records have inked a deal for the re-release of the band’s back catalogue. In the scope of the label’s massive Death Certificate campaign the first two albums of THANATOS will be made available again: The classic debut “Emerging From The Netherworlds” as well as the equally great second release “Realm Of Ecstasy”, both boosted up with extra tracks (CD only), new layouts, liner notes, lyrics and a killer re-mastered sound by Dan Swanö. Both albums doubtlessly range amongst the classic releases of the heyday of Death Metal in the late 80’s / early 90’s.

“Emerging From The Netherworlds” tracklist:
1. Dawn Of The Dead
2. Outward Of The Inward
3. Bodily Dismemberment
4. Internal Deceit
5. The Day Before Tomorrow
6. War
7. Rebirth
8. Progressive Destructor
9. Impostors’ Infiltration
10. Omnicoitor / Dolor Satanae
11. The Meaning Of Life
12. War (demo)
13. The Meaning Of Life (demo)
14. Bodily Dismemberment (demo)
15. A-Thanasia (demo)

Tracks 12 – 15 are taken from the “Omnicoitor” demo (only on the CD version)

“Realm Of Ecstasy” tracklist:
1. And Jesus Wept
2. Tied Up, Sliced Up
3. Realm Of Ecstasy
4. Mankind’s Afterbirth
5. In Praise Of Lust
6. Perpetual Misery
7. Human Combustion
8. Reincarnation
9. Terminal Breath
10. And Jesus Wept (demo)
11. Tied Up, Sliced Up (demo)
12. Realm Of Ecstasy (demo)
13. In Praise Of Lust (demo)
14. Human Combustion (demo)

Tracks 10 – 14 are taken from the “Demo 1992” pre-productions tape (only on the CD version)

Both “Emerging From The Netherworlds” and “Realm Of Ecstasy” will be released on LP (180g vinyl, printed inner sleeve) and CD. The CD version will be made available for mid-price right from the start.

When time is due in 2013, also “Angelic Encounters”, “Undead.Unholy.Divine” and “Justified Genocide” will be re-released. Until then, take the chance of learning some Death Metal lessons!

Pre-order your copy of “Emerging from the Netherworlds” and ‘Realm Of Ecstasy” directly from Century Media now! Vinyl editions available in different colors!!!



First of all best wishes for 2012 to all thrashers and (death) metalfans out there who have supported us throughout the years!
Although 2011 was another tough and bumpy year in the now 28 years (!) long history of Thanatos, we’re still here!
And no shitty record companies or unreliable (business) partners are ever going to break us!

We’re happy to announce that 2012 will see the return of drummer Yuri Rinkel to our ranks!
Although Yuri won’t be joining the band on a full time basis, he will be there to help us out at upcoming live shows and possibly new recordings.

We’ve just renewed our webstore where you can now order two different t-shirts, the vinyl version of our latest album “Justified Genocide” and the Cd version of the “1987 Official Live Tape”. All items are available in limited quantities so don’t wait too long before you order

Thank you for your support!


Paul, Marco, Yuri and Stephan

News update June 2011:

We’re sorry to announce that the Thanatos/Asphyx 7 inch EP is completely sold out!


The Thanatos/Asphyx 7 inch split single is finally available!
you can order it directly from Cyclone Empire records



Apart from the earlier mentioned 7 inch split single with Asphyx, which is now set for a late April/early May release, you can expect some more THANATOS releases this year.

First of all Konqueror Records from Singapore will release the classick “1987 OFFICIAL LIVE TAPE” on CD! This will be a limited edition item but we will selling some of those thru our webstore.

In other news, Mechanix Records from Sweden will release Thanatos’ latest album ‘JUSTIFIED GENOCIDE’ on vinyl! Which is great news of course. Mechanix is also planning a vinyl release for ‘UNDEAD.UNHOLY.DIVINE.’ later this year which means that all full length Thanatos albums will finally be made available on vinyl.
We will be looking into the possibilities of re-releasing the first 3 albums on vinyl/CD as well…

News update February 2011

Cyclone Empire Records from Germany will release a 7 inch vinyl split EP featuring THANATOS and fellow Dutch death metal merchants ASPHYX. Both bands have recorded a cover song exclusively for this release. Thanatos have chosen ‘Reanimation’ by SACRIFICE, whilst Asphyx have recorded MAJESTY’s ‘Bestial Vomit’. Release is expected in March/early April 2011

Justified Genocide-CD + t-shirt or girlie shirt = EUR 25,-/US $ 35,-
(+ shipping). See merchandise page.



THANATOS update 4-3-2009:

Statement about lyrics on upcoming  new album

To avoid any unnecessary controversy we’ve chosen to explain some of the lyrics on our upcoming new album ‘Justified Genocide’ to be released on Deity Down Records (March 16th  2009 EU/world, April 6th 2009 UK/Ireland).

Our lyrics simply deal with either historical events or morbid fantasies,  but since touching upon certain topics already seems reason enough for certain people to brand a band as Nazis –which we obviously are not! – we’ve decided to do this, so here we go…

They Feed On Fear

Our leaders use people’s fear for war and terrorist attacks to set more rules, so they can control our lives even more. A total invasion of our privacy based on fear. The chance of getting hit by a meteor is 1,000 times bigger than to fall victim to a terrorist attack.  Big brother is watching you…

Destruction. Chaos. Creation.

A little fantasy/Sci-fi tale about an alien super race out to destroy humanity simply because they feel superior. Sounds familiar? Hmmz, makes you wonder if aliens are religious as well?!

The Devil’s Triangle

A song about the alleged unholy alliance of Nazism, freemasonry and occultism during WWII. The Third Reich’s link to the occult is often overlooked, but was definitely present. Castle Wewelsburg was said to be the unholy center of their occult practices. We tried to express their sick and twisted views in this song –which definitely are not our views!

March Of The Infidels

Religious fundamentalists (no matter what religion they follow) are the real Nazis of today. The fact alone that they consider non-religious people as worthless pieces of shit and the constant rise of their power makes them more dangerous than any other force in today’s society.

Justified Genocide

A short portrait of four of history’s most notorious mass murderers and their twisted views on the world. Who will be the next one to follow in their footsteps?

The Netherworld

A very accurate yet very uncomfortable description of the atrocities that went on in the concentration camps during WWII. The gas chambers, the fear, the misery. Unbelievable yet true…

Apostles Of Damnation

An ironic story about being punished for your sins, lust and indulgence. There’s no one out there to punish you so make your own rules.

Upwards Spiritual Evolution

This song’s theme basically ties in with the lyrics of “The Devil’s Triangle”… dealing with the belief-system of arcane rituals and potent symbols of the Nazis in the 1930’s and 40’s, with the ancient swastika appropriated for the Nazi cause. The word “Upwards” in the title should be seen in a ironic context as this newfound “religion” led to the murder and oppression of millions during World War II.


THANATOS update 6/2/09:


The artwork for ‘JUSTIFIED GENOCIDE’, the new full-length by Dutch veteran Death / Thrash quartet THANATOS, created by the band’s bass player MARCO DE BRUIN, is done.

DEITY DOWN RECORDS’ release dates for this album, the fifth one in the band’s 25 year long career are now set to April 6 2009 (UK/Ireland) and March 15 (EU/World). ‘JUSTIFIED GENOCIDE’ will be the successor to ‘Undead.Unholy.Divine’ (Black Lotus Records 2004).

On ‘JUSTIFIED GENOCIDE’, founding member Stephan Gebédi (guitars/vocals, guitars in Hail of Bullets), Marco de Bruin, Paul Baayens (guitars, Hail of Bullets, Asphyx) and Yuri Rinkel (drums, Melechesh) will have the following titles on display:

01 They Feed On Fear

02 Destruction.Chaos.Creation

03 The Devil’s Triangle

04 March Of The Infidels

05 Justified Genocide

06 The Netherworld

07 Dawn Of Eternity (Massacre Cover)

08 Apostles Of Damnation

09 Upwards Spiritual Evolution

10 And Jesus Wept (Bonus, taken from the 2006 7” EP on Konqueror Records)

11 The Burning Of Sodom (Bonus, Dark Angel Cover, taken from the 2006 7” EP on Konquerer Records)

The band’s MySpace page will be updated with one or two of final mixes fresh out of Dan Swanö’s UNISOUND Studio soon.

Update January 2009
It took us a fucking long time, but in a couple of months, ‘Justified Genocide’, our 5th full length album, will finally hit the shelves. The album is currently being mixed by Dan Swanö and it’s great to see the album actually (and finally) taking shape now.

After all the delays and the record label shit we’ve been through once again, it’s a real good feeling to listen to the -almost- finished recordings now. It’s pretty safe to say that this album will have the rawest, most dirty and “in your face” sound we ever managed to achieve on a Thanatos record.

It features some of the fastest, most aggressive shit we ever recorded, but of course we also have some slower, heavier parts. The emphasis definitely lies on thrash metal, but as always there’s also some death metal in our songs. Judge for yourself in March. We’ll upload another song (rough mix) on our MySpace page in early February.

We’ll also make sure that the album will be directly available through our website

Stay brutal, stay sick!


Press release December 2008:

Illustrious Cult Thrashers THANATOS (NL) on DEITY DOWN RECORDS

Veteran Thrash / Death outfit THANATOS will release their fifth full-length ‘JUSTIFIED GENOCIDE’ through DEITY DOWN RECORDS in the first quarter of 2009.

‘JUSTIFIED GENOCIDE’ was recorded at Excess in Rotterdam, Netherlands and mixed by Dan Swanö (of Nightingale, Edge Of Sanity and Bloodbath fame) at Unisound in Sweden.

In 2009 THANATOS will celebrate the band’s 25th anniversary since they first emerged from the Netherworlds.

Currently the quartet is comprised of founding member Stephan Gebédi (guitars/vocals, guitars in Hail of Bullets), Paul Baayens (guitars, Hail of Bullets, Asphyx), Marco de Bruin (bass) and drummer Yuri Rinkel (Melechesh).

The title track of the forthcoming CD as well as the song ‘They Feed On Fear’ can be streamed on
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