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“We’re living in a fucked up world, there’s no way we can deny that. All around us there’s violence, torture, rape, fear and suppression. All in the name of God, Allah or whatever name you want to use… people killing each other for imaginary gods, there is animal torture, child abuse, wars and conflicts. The decline of our precious society is omnipresent. And we’re all part of this decline. Mankind cannot be saved. This planet needs to be cleansed. This world is in need of Global Purification!”


To coincide with the band’s 30th (!) anniversary in 2014, THANATOS now unleash their 6th full length studio album upon mankind. Produced by the band themselves and mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö, “Global Purification” contains ten brand new songs which see the band outdoing themselves in terms of power and sheer aggression. Despite the speed and ferocity there are enough hooks, memorable riffs and melodies to have these songs cemented in your brain after a few listens. 
The Digipak version of the album contains a re-recording of “Dawn Of The Dead” which of course was the opening track of the band’s debut album. “Global Purification” combines elements of aggressive Thrash Metal and old school Death Metal and takes you back to the days when Metal was about breaking rules and boundaries instead of creating them.

 New album out November 17 2014 ! ORDER HERE!

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